Your Benefits from our Services
  • High customer orientation

  • Well-structured Security Auditing Workflow

  • Detailed Security Audit Reports including a description of the conducted tests, the identified security flaws and suggested security fixes

  • Our Proof-of-Concept Exploits enable demonstration and ensure high reproducibility

  • Individualized Security Trainings

  • In-depth technical expertise

Web Security

A single vulnerability can be enough to jeopardize the security of an entire web application and its users.


Ranging from security concept reviews to web penetration testing, forensic analysis after break-ins and customer orientated training, we can help you to make your web applications secure.

Our Web Security Services
  • Black-Box Security Audit/Penetration Test

  • Grey-Box Security Audit/Penetration Test

  • White-Box Security Audit and Source Code Review

  • Web Application Security Design & Architecture

  • Forensics and Emergency Handling

  • Web Security Training

Software Security

From office software products to large scale enterprise systems and mobile devices, vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows or authentication and protocol handling flaws can put your business at stake.

We have 13 years of experience with software security testing and offer services from black-box software and protocol analysis to security design and architecture consulting as well as customized trainings.

Our Software Security Services
  • Black-Box Software Security Audit

  • White-Box Software Security Audit and Source Code Review

  • Communication Protocol Security Audit

  • Security Concept Review

  • Security Design & Architecture Consulting

  • Software Security Training

Embedded Security

With the advent of smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, many embedded devices are highly interconnected today. Especially on embedded devices, attacks can have tremendous effects, even in the physical world.

We operate our own Hardware Security Lab to analyze and improve the security of embedded systems. Depending on your requirements, our services range from high-level security tests down to firmware security analysis and security tests the microchip level. We are looking forward to your challenges.

Our Embedded Security Services
  • Black-Box Embedded Security Audit

  • White-Box Hardware Security Audit and Code Review

  • Communication Protocol and Interface Security Audit

  • Security Concept Review

  • Security Design & Architecture Consulting

  • Wireless Communication Security Audits

  • Hardware Security Training

Microchip Security

Be it for mission critical embedded systems or for the internal use during embedded security audits, we can take security testing down to the chip level.

We operate our own Hardware Security Lab with analysis techniques ranging from side channel and fault injection attacks over memory and layout extraction to fully invasive circuit edits with our Focused Ion Beam workstation.

Our Microchip Security Services (Overview)
  • IC Decapsulation and High Resolution Imaging

  • Firmware and Logic/Netlist Extraction

  • ROM Code Security Audit

  • Side Channel and Fault Injection Evaluation

  • Physical Attack Evaluation

  • Interface Security Audit

  • Fake Device Identification

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Analysis

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Failure Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering (e.g., for backdoor analysis)

Embedded Engineering

We have a deep background in embedded systems and electronics. Many of our everyday engineering challenges are solved with custom embedded system designs.

Our services involve a wide embedded engineering spectrum from mixed signal circuit design and SPICE simulations, PCB layouting, and prototyping to System-on-Chip (SoC), microcontroller and FPGA programming. We are looking forward to your engineering challenges.

Our Embedded Engineering Services
  • Mixed Signal Circuit Design

  • PCB Layouting and Prototyping

  • Microcontroller, SoC and FPGA Development

  • Test & Measurements

  • Debugging and Error Identification

  • Embedded Engineering Support

High Speed Cryptography

Implementing cryptographic algorithms with peak performance can be challenging. Depending on the requirements, we typically create optimized and highly parallel implementations on special purpose FPGA hardware and/or GPUs.

Our Hardware Security Lab includes several FPGA development boards as well as an FPGA cluster with 36 FPGAs in parallel.

Our High Speed Cryptography Services
  • High Speed Cryptographic FPGA Implementation

  • High Speed Cryptographic GPU Implementation

  • Optimizations of Existing Implementations

  • Bottleneck Analysis