Your Benefits from our High Speed Cryptography Services
  • High customer orientation

  • Extensive technical experience with FPGA and GPU Acceleration

  • Own FPGA Cluster in our Hardware Security Lab

  • We are the creators of world's fastest WPA2 implementation (presented at CHES2016 - USA)

High Speed Cryptographic FPGA Implementation

Utilizing our experience with high-speed FPGA designs, we have a proven track record in accelerating cryptographic implementations on FPGAs. In addition to common FPGA development boards, we have our own FPGA cluster comprising 36 Xilinx Spartan 6 LX150T devices that can be interfaced via an easy to use API from the host system. If you are interested in high speed cryptographic acceleration services for FPGAs, why not benefit from our experience?

Don't miss our CHES 2016 conference presentation video (Santa Barbara, USA) for our WPA2 world speed record FPGA implementation.

High Speed Cryptographic GPU Implementation

Not all algorithms are ideally suited for FPGA implementations. In those cases, we can target GPU implementation were the internal shading units can be efficiently utilized for cryptographic acceleration. At Trustworks, we typically rely on Nvidia's CUDA Framework.

Optimizations of Existing Implementations

You have an existing high-speed implementation on a GPU or an FPGA based system that is just not efficient enough? We can bring in our experience to optimize your existing implementation. Our starting point is typically a bottleneck analysis followed by targeted optimization steps to reach maximum performance.

Contact us, we are looking forward to your challenges !

Bottleneck Analysis

You have an existing implementation that does not perform as expected? We can conduct a bottleneck analysis to find out where and why exactly your current implementation is not reaching its peak performance. With the results at hand, you can address the root cause of the performance issues.

In addition, you can combine our bottleneck analysis with our optimization service to get the most out of your design.