Your Benefits from our Embedded Engineering Services
  • High customer orientation

  • Extensive technical experience with a wide range of complex embedded system architectures

  • Own Hardware Lab

  • In-depth technical expertise in mixed signal schematic design and SPICE simulation to PCB prototype and firmware engineering

  • We can support you from your embedded product idea to the finished product prototype

Mixed Signal Circuit Design

Mixed signal circuit design can be challenging. At Trustworks, we typically follow a module based approach where complex design challenges are broken down into smaller building blocks. We can identify electronic components that meet customer requirements and use those in schematic circuit designs. Before we start prototyping, we conduct SPICE simulations to test whether the designed circuits meet the specified requirements. The next step is typically prototyping ranging from breadboard tests and measurements to prototype PCB layouts.

We are looking forward to your electronic design challenges.

PCB Layouting and Prototyping

Once a circuit design is available, the next step is to create prototype PCBs that can be used for functional tests and measurements. With more than 13 years of experience, we can avoid common PCB layout issues and create multi-layer PCB prototypes that quickly meet technical customer requirements. Whenever possible, we use a module based design-for-testability PCB prototyping approach allowing us to test and verify the circuit boards as well as to apply patches if necessary.

Microcontroller, SoC and FPGA Development

Today's embedded systems commonly rely on programmable devices such as microcontrollers, System-on-Chips (SoCs) or Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).  At Trustworks, we have a deep understanding of embedded systems design and we know common design pitfalls that can be avoid at an early development state. We offer software development services for many types of systems including:

  • Real-time microcontroller firmware development

  • SoC development

  • Embedded Linux development including the design and implementation of kernel device drivers

  • FPGA development including time-critical and high-performance systems

  • Firmware and embedded systems debugging and testing

  • Adaptations of existing firmware

Test & Measurements

For prototypes as well as for existing embedded products, testing is extremely important to ensure the correct functionality of a product according to design specification. At Trustworks, we have an extensive experience in test engineering. Depending on customer requirements, we can conduct tests and measurements ranging from in-circuit device measurements to stress tests and completely automated test-loops. For automated tests, results are typically stored within a database so that obtained test data can be efficiently filtered, processed and analyzed.

Are you unsure that your embedded product meets your technical requirements in worst-case scenarios? Are there scenarios in which your system did not react according to specification?

Contact us to benefit from our testing experience.

Debugging and Error Identification

With increasing system complexities and code bases, the likelihood of system errors and functional issues increases as well. At Trustworks, we do not only have an extensive debugging and error identification experience, but we have also developed our own static and dynamic testing tools that are frequently utilized to conduct Blackbox security audits on embedded systems. We are used to working with highly complex systems. We can bring in our experience and a fresh perspective to address your design issues.

Let us know your design issues, we are sure we can help.

Embedded Engineering Support

You are a hardware manufacturer or an embedded system developer and you have reached a dead end? You are facing a technical challenge that is hard to handle? We bring in our embedded engineering expertise to address your challenges. We are used to working together with development teams and we understand many of the typical challenges that need to be addressed in complex embedded products. Benefit from our experience!