Trustworks GmbH is a security consulting and security research company founded by Dr. Markus Kammerstetter (linkedIn) in 2012 in Vienna, Austria. The company portfolio covers a wide range of security auditing capabilities ranging from web security and software security audits to embedded security as well as low level hardware and microchip security analysis. Although Trustworks GmbH was founded in 2012 as the natural evolution of its prior work and experiences in the IT security sector, the company experience and set-up of the hardware security lab reach back as far as 2004, allowing Trustworks GmbH to resort to more than 14 years of professional security consulting expertise. In addition to its consulting work, the company has strong ties to the Secure Systems Lab (SecLab) at TU-Wien (Vienna University of Technology). Its hardware security lab thus has a strong research focus on embedded and hardware security with international scientific research publications in that area. This allows Trustworks GmbH to not only to maintain the state-of-the-art in hardware and embedded security testing, but to globally extend it as well.

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